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The surroundings

Neuendorf am See is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Neuendorf, and our house is right on the water. It could hardly be more beautiful and quiet! The beautiful lakes in the surrounding area invite you to swim and fish. The Spree, which flows directly along our house, and the countless canals can be navigated by canoe, paddle boat, a traditional Spree barge or even by motorboat.

But also on land the biosphere reserve Spreewald can be explored excellently. Hiking, Nordic walking, cycling, horseback riding, hunting. The Spreewald has an almost paradisiacal offer for everyone.

But despite all the idyllic scenery, the bustling city life is not far away. If you are looking for cultural diversion sooner or later, or if you have always wanted to take a trip to one of the surrounding historic cities, you will also get your money’s worth here. Trips to Berlin, Dresden, Cottbus and Leipzig are uncomplicated and worthwhile.

The Spreeparadies team will be happy to help you with tours in the area!

Boat trips through the rustic Spreewald

Explore the Spreewald and enjoy the unspoiled nature with its soothing atmosphere to the fullest!

Please contact our partners in the Spreewald!

–  Boat trips Frank Feller, Leibscher Hauptstraße 10, 15910 Unterspreewald, OT Leibsch, Telefon: 035473533
–  Boat trips Andreas Krüger, 15910 Schlepzig, Telefon: 01758050592
–  Boat trips and paddle boat rentals Uwe Krüger, Dorfstr. 65, 15910 Schlepzig, Telefon: 03547265592

Fishing in Spreewald for old and young x big and small

The waters in the biosphere reserve Spreewald offer habitat for numerous fish species such as eel, aland, barbel, carp, pike perch, pike, asp, tench, burbot or catfish. Fishing is prohibited during the closed seasons.

The Spree has a relatively low current over a length of about 70 km, which gives the angler the best conditions for fishing for a variety of smaller and larger species. Tench, pike perch, pike or carp are favorites on the hook of the angler. With eel and catfish he can prove his skill to drill.

Without a fishing license, however, anglers are only allowed to catch peaceful fish. Predatory fish such as pike, eel, pikeperch or catfish are forbidden to catch without possession of the fishing license.

Anglers who do not have the fishing license must buy a fishing permit in advance. However, the fishing license for non-members of the Landesanglerverband Brandenburg e.V. does not entitle you to fish on all Spreewald waters. Where it is valid, please ask where you got the fishing license.

In addition, please also note the conditions for the practice of fishing in the Spreewald by the biosphere administration, especially the rules of conduct, restricted areas and the night fishing ban in the protected zones.

Hunting in Spreewald in the surroundings of the Spree Paradise

Bernd Green, a passionate hunter long before he left to study Forestry, will be happy to acquaint you with the hunting opportunities in the area. He regularly hunts in different hunting grounds in the near and far surroundings.

We welcome inquiries from hunters who would like to combine hunting and recreation in Spreeparadies.

To the Spreeparadies belongs a typical Spreewald hunting ground. The Spreewald hunting ground is characterized by its unique, original Spreewald landscape with the river Spree, lots of water, extensive Spre meadows, alder swamps and reed marshes. This grandiose Spreewald landscape is home to a high game population. Especially the wild boar is abundant. More than 100 sows are shot in the Spreewald hunting ground every year.

The red deer can find undisturbed habitats here and capital stags can be shot. Besides red deer and wild boar, the Spreewald hunting ground is characterized by its high predator population. Foxes, badgers, raccoons and tanuki are abundant.

A special feature of the Spreewald hunting district are the thousands of geese that occur year-round in the district and the ubiquitous nutrias. In addition to the excellent game population, there are other interesting species such as cranes, beavers, white-tailed eagles and wolves. The Spreewald hunting ground is well equipped with comfortable high seats. However, stalking is particularly attractive in this hunting ground.

To the hunting vacation in the Spreewald belongs naturally also the complete hunt support in the district with transport, briefing, setting, game recovery and supply. The support in the Spreewald hunting area is provided by Bernd Green, the passionate hunter and forester.

For further information and conditions please contact us!

We help you to an unforgettable, original hunting experience in the unique natural landscape of the Spreewald.


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